Hi, sorry for the spooky pifc

Hi there,

My name is Rhamses and I've been working with the web for the past 10 years.

My career path it's guided mostly because I'm passionate about creating things and also love the freedom and accessibility style of the web.

I like to do things the right way, no matter how much time it may take, because nothing gets me angrier than see a person looking for freelancers able to finish their project because other one disappeared and left a project full of bugs in the client's hand.

First act

I started as a web designer in the middle of the "Aqua Icons" era and the tableless movement. In the agency where I internship in, I was responsible to teach the developers and management about tableless and the importance of it and I've battled about every job when the requirement did not covered that development because was "unimportant for the overall project."

Second act

There I got a grasp of backend development, under the Microsoft .NET platform, with jurassic tools like Visual Studio 2003/2005 (Ugh...), but then the agency closed down and I moved along side other people to a new company focused solely in building web applications for multinational industrial companies. With a surplus of backend developers, including me, but a huge gap in the visual department, I was assigned to assume the development of all interfaces.

And then, even before bootstrap, I developed an internal visual framework, mixing the .NET and Telerik visual packages with a good design. It didn't take long until UX was thrown in the projects because of my realization about the difficulty of the business logic that needed to be presented in a very simple way to the final user.

So began my journey towards UX design: Reading "Don't make me think" and tons of articles about the subject, I refactored a bunch of code and included a consistent number of visual cues, did a lot of user interviews and A/B tests with selected users, improving considerably the overall efficiency of the tools we were building and helping the spread of word of mouth in this very small market about our services.

I stayed there for about 4 years, when I joined we had just one client, but when I left, the company had five different big clients, all looking for the tools that became kind of famous in that market.

In that company I worked with Microsoft tools for over 4 years, and occasionally did very small sites there, and with the open source movement booming, I really wanted to have the experience of a dynamic office with open-source tools, so I went to my 3rd job.

Third Act (kind of)

So in this new job I'm the responsible for the web division of the marketing agency. I needed to do backend development too, so I learned PHP (open-source, right?). I implemented and battled again with the higher ranks to put Wordpress as our default go-to plataform showing them how quickly we could move our development workflow, reducing the costs and ultimately raising the profits of each job.

Concerning the UX experience, I almost don't do it anymore because this agency has a large team of designers that get the job done, but even so I like to give feedback (when it's asked) on what they are working on, and more than once my feedback is the same the client will give once they see the job, which served me the nickname of "The Insider Client."

Also because of the lack of technological knowledge of the managers, I had the responsability to manage the web division too. I have freedom to decide the flow of the work that enters in my pipeline and I can represent the company with clients, in meetings or conference calls, about technical problems. Recently I've been recognized as a Project Manager, grouping to my tasks the responsibility to work deadlines and breakdown the necessary sprints of a given job.

Now, I feel that, after 4 years, I got the experience that was looking for inside a chaotic and creative place, and I can confidently check this item on my list. I want to continue building things, this time though, to improve the same product, working for a company that can impact people's life and can reach a lot number of users.

I hope, it could be you, right?